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I have the right to understand why many kind of of us have actually a difficult time accepting the truth that the value of zero factorial is equal to one. It comes throughout as an absurd statement that there’s no means it have the right to be true. We have actually a common perception of zero for being well known bereason there’s somepoint about it that can make any type of number linked with it either vanish or misbehave actually.

For instance, a large number such as 1,000 multiplied by zero becomes zero. It disappears! On the other hand also, a nice number such as 5 divided by zero becomes undefined. It misbehaves. So it is okay to be hesitant why zero “suddenly” becomes one, a nice number, after treating it through some distinct operation.

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Tbelow are other means to present why the statement is true. For this one, we will usage the definition of factorial itself. To be hocolony, through this approach the justification is simple and also calls for little bit math.

Simple “Proof” Why Zero Factorial is Equal to One

Let n be a totality number, wright here n! is defined as the product of all whole numbers much less than n and also including n itself.

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What it indicates is that you first start writing the entirety number n then count dvery own till you reach the entirety number 1.

The basic formula of factorial have the right to be composed in fully increased create as



We understand via absolute certainty that 1!=1, where n = 1. If we substitute that worth of n into the second formula which is the partially expanded develop of n!, we attain the following:


For the equation to be true, we must pressure the worth of zero factorial to equal 1, and no other. Otherwise, 1!≠1 which is a contradiction.

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So yes, 0! = 1 is correct because mathematicians agreed to specify it that method (nothing even more and nopoint less) in order to be continuous through the remainder of mathematics.

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