Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Square, Facebook & Tesla technical analysis [video]

US Stocks Amazon AMZN, Alphabet GOOG, Apple AAPL, Square SQ, Facebook FB, Tesla TSLA. Technical  Analysis Elliott Wave Forecast and Trading.

US Stocks Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Forecast overview:
Yesterday we called the low in for many of these US stocks and today’s price action has confirm as positive for further upside.

Elliott Wave Analysis Wave Count:
Amazon AMZN  Elliott Wave (a) of b) of A of (4).
Alphabet GOOGL  Elliott Wave (iii) of v) of 5 of (3).
Apple AAPL  Elliott Wave v) of 5 of (3).
Square SQ  Elliott Wave Tracking two counts.
Facebook FB  Elliott Wave (v) of v) of 5 of (3).
Tesla TSLA  Elliott Wave (v) of c) of B of (4).

Shortcuts to what you want:
00:00 Amazon Elliott Wave Analysis.
02:55 Alphabet Elliott Wave Analysis.
04:48 Apple Elliott Wave Analysis.
07:07 Square Elliott Wave Analysis.
10:12 Facebook Elliott Wave Analysis.
12:50 Tesla Elliott Wave Analysis.
18:00 Thank you for watching US Stocks Elliott Wave Analysis.


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