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Cate Blanchett Debuts New Brown Hair at the 2019 BAFTAs

Is that Cate Blanchett?! The blonde beauty looked so different when she stepped out at the BAFTAs on Sunday, February 10 with newly-dyed brown hair. Although Cate’s bold new hair color made everyone do a double take when she hit the awards show’s red carpet, we think she looks totally gorgeous with the updated ‘do!

At the BAFTAs, Cate, 49, rocked a stunning, low-cut black gown adorned with a built-in necklace of huge jewels. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Cate’s makeup artist said The Aviator actress dyed her hair brown for her new play, When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other. See Cate’s new look below! 

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In a previous interview with InStyle, Cate revealed her beauty secrets and said she feels sexiest when she’s the “least self-conscious” because it makes her want to laugh at all of the silly things in life. “It’s so liberating to have a good laugh — we all lead such stressful lives, and so if you can just release and have a good ol’ gas, I think people … yeah,” she said.

She also revealed what makes her laugh the most. “Unfortunately, fart jokes,” the mom-of-four confessed. “The humor had to be pretty low. Kristen Wiig makes me laugh. She makes me laugh. And my God, she’s such a great all-around actress. But it’s also — I’m really pathetic — cat memes. Just really stupid s–t like that.”

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Although laughter has been the best medicine for Cate, she explained that she would love to go back in time to give some helpful beauty advice to her younger self. “It’s so hard as a teenager, and even into your 20s, your sense of yourself, I mean it always evolves, but you’re so vulnerable to other people’s interpretations and impressions of what you should look like,” Cate revealed. “And I’d say ‘f–k that’ a bit more. And that’s where women can step in and really champion different types of beauty and working what you’ve got.”

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