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How covid-19 impacts markets

The first case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. Since early 2020, this disease has spread rapidly, generating medical crises, overwhelming hospitals and prompting governments to enact lockdowns around the world.

During the first months, investors responded with a sharp panic-selling response to the possible economic collapse, typical to such black-swan events.

The pandemic had a wide-ranging and severe impact on financial markets, including stocks, bonds, and commodities. Governments and central banks moved to shore up the economies.

It also had a substantial influence on businesses around the world. The uncertainty related to lockdown durations and economic recovery left many businesses closed and hit households hard.

From November 2020, several companies came out with vaccines and reported impressive efficacy rates . The immunization process is has advanced rapidly in Israel, the UK and the US, but lags elsewhere. Economic figures show that the vaccine and stimulus-led economic recovery is on track, but uncertainties remain considerable.

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