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Donny Osmond Shares Throwback Performing With His Brothers

We all have plenty of memories that make us cringe today, but Donny Osmond can say the same, as he recalled the time he and his brothers appeared on the Andy Williams Christmas Show.

“#HappyHolidays from a whole bunch of Osmond and Williams brothers!” the 62-year-old wrote via Instagram on Friday, December 20. “Here are a few memories of that day that used to make me cringe every time I watched this clip. Now, I just think it’s funny.” The singer then proceeds to list a few moments in the special that fans should notice.

“1. I didn’t sit the same way as my brothers starting at :29,” the entertainer wrote, as you can clearly see a young Donny face the wrong direction. ” 2. I didn’t look at the camera like I was supposed to at 1:02,” he continued, adding another, “3. But I did get something right that my brothers got wrong. We were all supposed to look at the camera for our close-ups. Mine was at 1:47.”


“I guess I just didn’t rehearse enough. But I sure rehearsed that close up,” Donny noted. People were all about the throwback clip, as they took to the comments section to respond.

“Nothing like those years! Take me back,” one fan wrote. Another added, “Come on Donny, that was so good!! You guys all did amazing!!!”

Donny and his brothers saw the peak of fame with The Osmonds band in the ’70s. Their sister, Marie Osmond, once revealed who she thinks is the most talented of her siblings. “I just did a show in Hawaii where I honored my four original Osmond brothers and it was their sixth decade … Two of them retired, [but] I got two of them out of retirement [for this performance]. And they’ve sold like 100 million records, that’s like crazy, right?” Marie said during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

The Osmonds

“I don’t think they were ever honored. My brother Merrill is just … he still has this awesome voice. He’s a rocker and he still sings fantastic,” the “Paper Roses” singer added. “Of course, I think Donny is … average. Donny is very talented. They’re all talented in their own way but, man, Merrill’s voice is just still unbelievable.”

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One thing is for sure: all of those Osmonds were and are still quite talented!

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