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Buying prescription eyeglasses virtual have the right to be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never done it prior to. Getting Rx glasses for less than $20 all-in could also make you suspicious. Zenni sells frames for as low as $6.95, which renders it a tempting place to attempt ordering some brand-new specs. But you’ve obtained questions!

Don’t problem – we’ve gained you covered in our Zenni Optical FAQ.

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Cost/Payment Options

Q: How much does an average pair of glasses and also lenses from Zenni Optical cost?

Depfinishing on the frame and also lens choices you select, you have the right to primarily suppose to spend in between $15-$25 for a pair of single-vision prescription glasses. Zenni offers frames from the dirt cheap price of $6.95 approximately $45.95, through multiple choices in in between. Standard 1.50 or 1.57-index lenses are included for no extra charge, however any type of unique coatings favor anti-glare or anti-fog are additional.

Q: Does Zenni sell any type of one-of-a-kind discounts or sales?

You betcha! Regardless of having actually some of the cheapest glasses around, Zenni likewise offers a secondary 10% off orders for active armed forces members/spouses and veterans, initially responders/clinical experts, students, and also teachers. Or, if you don’t loss right into any type of of those categories, obtain 10% off as soon as you authorize up for their newsletter.

Q. Does Zenni Optical accept vision insurance?

They execute not. You have the right to, but, pay for your glasses with an FSA or HSA account debit/crmodify card, or get an itemized receipt to submit to your insurance provider if you are eligible for out-of-network-related reimbursement benefits.


Q. Does Zenni occupational with Flexible Spfinishing Accounts (FSAs) or Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)?

Yup. You deserve to conveniently pay for your Rx glasses or Rx sunglasses with your FSA/HSA delittle card directly, or pay through a regular credit card and acquire an itemized receipt for reimbursement. Remember, FSA funds carry out not rollover at the end of every year. If you have any unused funds sitting around, obtaining a backup pair of prescription glasses or even eyewear care accessories choose cleaning cloths, lens sprays, or repair kits are a great method to use those funds up.

Q: What payment approaches does Zenni accept?

Zenni accepts all significant credit cards (Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover), Amazon Pay, PayPal Express, and FSA/HSA account cards.


Ordering Process

Q: What is compelled to order a pair of prescription glasses from Zenni?

First and also foremany, you’ll require a valid glasses prescription from your eye physician or optometrist. Contact lens prescriptions execute not count.

2nd, you’ll likewise require your pupillary distance (PD), which is the distance in between your pupils as measured in millimeters. This is necessary so Zenni have the right to ensure you’re looking via the optical facility of each lens. The finest method to get this measured is by asking for it once you have actually your eye exam. Otherwise, you have the right to additionally meacertain it yourself.

Q: What if my prescription is expired?

Zenni doesn’t ask for your eye doctor’s call information once placing an order. It’s much better to have an up-to-day, unexpired prescription, yet you have the right to still order Rx glasses as long as you enter the appropriate worths into the areas when placing an order.

Q: How perform I enter my prescription once ordering?

Once you’ve chosen a structure, you’ll be motivated to choose a prescription type. You have the right to pick from Single (distance or reading), Bifocal, or Progressive lenses, and also will need to enter your PD (watch above). Below that, you’ll need to describe your prescription to enter the values indicated for correcting your vision.

Q: How do I recognize if a structure I favor will certainly fit me?

Check inside the temple arms of your existing pair of glasses for two 2-digit and also one 3-digit number, for example, 52 18 135. These dimensions correspond to your lens width (52), bridge width (18), and holy place arm length (135) in millimeters.


On each product page, you’ll find the frame measurements in the Details section below the photo. As long as your existing frame specs are within 2-3mm of your current measurements, you have to be fine.

For extra details, examine out their tips on framework size and measurements.

Q: How strong a prescription can Zenni Optical fill?

Zenni have the right to fill a big array of prescription toughness from -20.00 (nearsighted) to +12.00 (farsighted) in single-vision lenses. They deserve to additionally correct for astigmatism if that’s provided on your prescription.

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Q: Can I try Zenni frames on before purchasing?

Zenni doesn’t sell a home try-on before purchase choose some various other locations, yet they perform have a digital try-on function that allows you to superimpose a framework on your confront to see what it will certainly look choose on you. You’ll have to usage the cam on your lappeak or mobile phone to gain started.

Q: What if I have actually trouble entering my prescription or placing an order online? Can I place an order over the phone?

Zenni doesn’t accept orders over the phone, only digital through their website or application (best bet is to simply use their website, their Google Play and iOS apps have some issues). If you run right into troubles entering your prescription, require assistance choosing a frame, or are wondering which lens kind to choose, you can contact them at (800) 211-2105, by means of 24/7 live chat, or email at .

You can additionally inspect out their assist web page for more info.



Q: Does Zenni charge for shipping? Can you gain free shipping with a minimum order amount?

Within the U.S. (all 50 states), standard shipping prices $4.95 for distribution in between 14-21 days. If you want your glasses sooner, you have the right to upgrade to priority shipping ($8.45) for delivery within 10-16 days, or express shipping ($18.95) for delivery between 7-12 days.

Tbelow is no free shipping sell exterior of occasional promovements Zenni might run.

Q: Can Zenni overnight my glasses?

No, the fastest distribution Zenni has actually is expush shipping (see above), which takes between 7-12 days.

Q: Does Zenni ship external the U.S.?

Undoubtedly they perform. Zenni Optical ships to all UNITED STATE Territories and most significant international countries:

American SamoaIcelandPoland
AustraliaIsraelPuerto Rico
BelarusKazakhstanRussian Federation
BelgiumKoreaSan Marino
Bosnia and HerzegovinaKuwaitSaudi Arabia
Czech RepublicMacedoniaSpain
Faroe IslandsMoldovaTaiwan
GibraltarNew ZealandUnited Arab Emirates
GreeceNorthern Mariana IslandsUnited Kingdom
GuamNorwayVatican City
Hong KongOmanVietnam
Virgin Islands (US)

Q: Does Zenni accept retransforms or exalters if I don’t prefer my glasses?

Zenni has a 30-day rerotate plan if you decide you don’t want the glasses you ordered. You’re responsible for return shipping, and can get either 100% save credit or a 50% remoney to your initial develop of payment. If there’s a manufacturing defect, you may also rerotate the glasses for inspection within the first 30 days of receipt.

Zenni will remake the glasses at no charge if they concur that a manufacturing error emerged.



Q: What kinds of glasses does Zenni have?

Zenni Optical has a large selection of eyeglasses and also sunglasses in all forms, materials, sizes, and also colors. You deserve to obtain full-rim plastic, semi-rimless or rimmuch less, steel wireframes, in addition to security glasses, sports glasses, goggles, and also children glasses.

Q: What forms of lenses does Zenni offer?

Zenni has a number of lens kinds to choose from. The included, no extra charge choices are the CR-39 1.50-index or the 1.57 mid-index lens. These occupational well for lower prescription strengths and also in full-rim plastic or metal frames.

No Coke bottle lenses!

They also have actually higher-index lenses for stronger prescriptions, which are thinner and also lighter. The 1.61-index is 20% thinner than the CR-39, 1.67-index is 30% thinner, and the 1.74-index is as much as 40% thinner.

Lastly, Zenni likewise has actually impact-resistant lenses that are excellent for youngsters or sports glasses. Check out their lens overview for even more details.

Q: Can I get blue-light prescription glasses without a yellowish tint?

Absolutely. Zenni offers clear, blue-light blocking lenses referred to as Blokz that you have the right to wear all day, indoors and out. You have the right to choose Blokz lenses for a secondary charge (starting at $16.95) once choosing your lens form and alternatives.

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Q: Can I simply buy a pair of glasses without lenses?

Yes, there’s an choice to pick “Frame Only” once choosing your lens form. You can additionally acquire non-prescription lenses.

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