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Jimmy Fallon Shaves Josh Brolin’s Mustache on ‘The Tonight Show’ — See the Video!

Now that’s funny!

Josh Brolin paid a visit to The Tonight Show on Tuesday, Jan. 26 sporting a pretty impressive mustache — and left the late show without one!

While promoting his latest film Hail Caesar, host Jimmy Fallon poked fun at the 47-year-old actor for having a “70s porn mustache” — and even asked if he could shave it off on the air!

Josh on Jan. 26.

Jimmy, 41, then proceeded to take out an electric razor and shaving cream and began shaving off the actor’s facial hair! “This is so awesome right now, this is like a fantasy camera or something… like ‘You get to shave with Josh Brolin!’ It’s like so fun,” Jimmy said.

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Tune in to the funny video below.

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