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Joan Collins Reveals Secret to Her Strong Marriage to Percy Gibson

What’s her secret? Joan Collins has been married to Percy Gibson since 2002 and when she recently stopped by the UK TV show This Morning, Joan, 85, explained how she and her 54-year-old hubby have been happily hitched for such a long time.

“Don’t marry an actor! Rule No. 1,” Joan joked to cohosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on Tuesday, February 5, before adding, “Separate loos is rule No. 2 … and I think one has arguments, but to always be forgiving.”

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Although Joan and Percy do not have any kids together, she is a proud parent to her adult children Tara Newley, 55, Alexander Newley, 53, and Katyana Kass, 46. Though she’s now in her mid-80s, the Hollywood icon has no plans to slow down and is currently touring with her one-woman show. On Sunday, February 17, Joan will perform a show in London on her 17th wedding anniversary with Percy.

“We start next week and it’s at the London Palladium on our wedding anniversary — 17 years, can you believe it? And they said it wouldn’t last!” she said, before describing her show as “different” and “unscripted.”

“It’s different because it’s unscripted and really a conversation with the audience, mixed with anecdotes if the audience bring them up,” Joan revealed. “And people can ask me practically anything, except for politics! I don’t do politics!”

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Before Joan married Percy, she had four failed marriages to Maxwell ReedAnthony Newley, Ron Kass and singer Peter Holm. Thankfully, Joan has found happiness again with her fifth husband. “Marrying a younger man has the advantage of being with someone who has vigor, vitality, stamina and health, which certainly encourages me even further to keep in shape both physically and mentally,” she once noted about the 31-year age gap between herself and Percy. “I’ve been active all my life and eat a healthy diet, so I am in good physical and mental health.”

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