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Julianne Moore Says She Always Hated Her Freckles and Still Does

As a Hollywood star, Julianna Moore makes plenty of public appearances and has her photo taken a ton, but even she will admit that she is insecure about a certain aspect of her looks.

The 58-year-old sat-down with Tatler magazine and revealed that she is not exactly a fan of her freckles, saying she hated them from ages 7-49. “I still don’t like them … I’d prefer not to have them, but I do have them and so, so what? It’s okay to have something you don’t love. It’s really alright,” the actress told the outlet.

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One thing that the Oscar winner does love it acting, although she made it clear that it took her some time to make her personal life a priority over her professional life. “Growing up in the late ’70s, I definitely got the message that it was important to have a career and that I had to work to make that happen,” she explained. “But there was this idea that you don’t need to work for your personal life — that it was supposed to be like a romantic comedy: you meet someone, have a couple of dates and there you go.”

“That’s just not true. Life is finite. This idea that you can do whatever you want at whatever time, it’s not true in terms of work and it’s not true in terms of having a family,” she added.

Today, the Still Alice star is married to director Bart Freundlich. They share two kids — Caleb, 21, and Liv, 17. The pair tied the knot in 2013. Julianne once revealed the secret to their longtime marriage, explaining that it is all about hard work and dedication.

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Julianne Moore
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“We have this narrative in our culture that if you want a career, you have to work hard, go to school, look for a job, you have to apply yourself but love is supposed to just happen to you,” she told People. “One day you’re going to meet someone and get hit over the head and boom! That happens in romantic comedies but in real life you have to make time. When you find a person, you have to invest in them and that relationship. And that’s what love is.”

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