Meaning hyperbole

The word hyperbole, from a Greek word interpretation “excess,” is a figure of speech that supplies too much exaggeration to make a point or show emphasis. It is the oppowebsite of understatement. You deserve to uncover hyperbole in literary works and also day-to-day speech

hyperbole i have a million points to carry out this particular day

Hyperbole Definition

Tbelow is exaggeration, and then there is exaggeration. That excessive type of exaggeration in speech is the literary tool recognized as hyperbole.

Take this statement for example:

I’m so hungry, I can eat a equine.

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In reality, you wouldn’t have the ability to eat a totality equine. But you usage the phrase to show world you’re very hungry.

Hyperbole is offered in literary works, rhetoric and also daily speech. You wouldn’t desire to use it in nonfiction functions, choose reports or research documents. Still, it’s perfect for imaginative creating and also communication, especially as soon as you desire to include shade to a character or humor to a story.

Hyperbole vs. Metaphor and also Simile

Hyperboles are not comparisons, favor similes and metaphors, but they are extravagant and even ridiculous overstatements not supposed to be taken literally. In literary works, hyperbole will certainly often be supplied to present contrast or capture the reader"s attention.

How to Use Hyperbole to Add Emphasis

Hyperbole in creating and speech have the right to add a dramatic or serious impact to a statement depending upon just how it’s used. To make certain your hyperbole adds the focus you are looking for, store a couple of points in mind:

What is your exaggeration describing: a feeling or quantity?

Does it make feeling and also sound natural?

Now that you know what to think around as soon as adding hyperbole to your work-related, view just how hyperbole adds emphasis.

Without hyperbole - This game is taking a long time.

With hyperbole - This game is taking forever before.

Without hyperbole - This helmet is hurting my chin.

With hyperbole - This helmet is killing me.

In reality, the game isn’t actually taking forever before, and the helmet isn"t killing anyone, yet adding that wording is even more artistic. Now check out a couple of even more everyday

Hyperbole in Everyday Use

In these widespread, day-to-day of hyperbole, you’ll watch the sentiment isn’t realistic, yet it helps to anxiety the point.

I’ve told you to clean your room a million times!

It was so cold; I saw polar bears wearing hats and jackets.

She’s so dumb; she thinks Taco Bell is a Mexihave the right to phone company

I have actually a million points to execute today.

When I was young, I had to walk 15 miles to institution uphill, in the snow.

I had actually a ton of homework.

If I can’t buy that perfect prom dress, I’ll die!

The vehicle went faster than the speed of light.

His brand-new automobile expense a bazillion dollars.

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We’re so bad we don’t have 2 cents to rub together.

That joke is so old; the last time I heard it, I was riding a dinosaur.

They ran like greased lightning.

He"s got loads of money.

You might have knocked me over through a feather.

Her brain is the dimension of a pea.

My geography teacher is older than the hills.



While you use hyperbole in daily speech all the moment, it’s also a good literary gadget for songs, speeches and also heralding. See a few successful of hyperbole.

Hyperbole in Speeches

When hyperbole is very closely inserted right into a speech, it have the right to aid you really punch your points. A tiny bit of exaggeration may be sufficient to perk up the ears of your audience.

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Hyperbole in Songs

Comparable to a well-ceded speech, hyperbole have the right to aid paint a vivid picture or expush a solid eactivity in the lyrics of a song.

“California girls/ We"re unforgettable/ Daisy Dukes/ Bikinis on top/ Sun-kissed skin/ so hot/ We"ll melt your popsicle” - California Gurls, Katy Perry

“Now there"s simply no chance/ with you and me/ there"ll never be/ don"t it make you sad around it?/ Cry me a river/ Cry me a river” - Cry Me a River, Justin Timberlake

“I would certainly fly to the moon and also back/ if you"ll be If you"ll be my baby/ Got a ticket for a civilization where/ we belong/ So would you be my baby” - To the Moon and Back, Savage Garden

“"Causage tonight for the first time/ Just around half-past ten/ For the initially time in history/ It"s gonna start raining men/ It"s raining males, Hallelujah./ It"s raining males, amen” - It’s Raining Men, The Weather Girls

"But I would certainly walk 500 miles/ And I would walk 500 more/ Just to be the guy that walks a thousand miles/ to fall down at your door” - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), The Proclaimers


Hyperbole in Advertising

If offered appropriately, hyperbole have the right to encourage consumers to buy products. Tright here has actually been restricted study right into this area, but according to a 2007 examine by Mark A. Callister, Ph.D. & Lesa A. Stern, Ph.D., The Role of Visual Hyperbole in Advertising Effectiveness, found that "hyperbolic ads produce more ad liking than nonhyperbolic ads."

Instances of hyperboles in proclaiming include:

"Adds amazing luster for boundless, mirror-like shine." (Brilliant Brunette shampoo)

"It does not gain much better than this." (Oscar Meyer)

"The best a man can acquire." (Gillette)

"Mints so solid they come in a metal box." (Altoids)

Accentuate and Exaggerate

Remember, hyperbole is over the top and also not expected to be taken literally. Keep your ears open up for of these exaggerations in every source, from poetry and plays to daily conversations and commercials. Try making use of hyperbole yourself to display comparison or inject feeling and also humor into your composing. And, while you’re at it, gain some of hyperbole in literary works. When supplied appropriately, a hyperbole’s effect is purposeful and also emphatic, leading to the reader to pay attention. Just be cautious not to overperform the overstatement!

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