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1. In television programming, to rekind to utilizing an apparent or unbelievable gimmick in a scene, episode, or storyline as a method of maintaining viewership, specifically when the show"s quality and/or popularity has actually started to decline. The phrase alludes to the sitcom Happy Days, in which the character Fonzie (Henry Winkler) jumps over a shark on water-skis in the fifth season. This present supplied to have some of the wittiest creating in tv, but they really jumped the shark as soon as they introduced a contrived alien invasion in the seventh season.
2. By expansion, to signal, particularly through a conspicuous task, event, or maneuver, a decrease in the development or advancement of something (e.g., a firm, a brand also, a political venture, and so on.). The global tech large, whose smartphone brand also transformed the day-to-day technical landscape, appears to have jumped the shark this week once they revealed a line of computer-synced sneakers touted as their new flagship product. The governor was accoffered of jumping the shark during his re-election project by joining in with the cheerleading squad at his former high school"s footsphere game.

jump the shark

(of a television series or film) reach a allude at which far-fetched events are consisted of simply for the sake of novelty, indicative of a decrease in quality. US informal
This expression is sassist to describe an episode of the long-running US television series Happy Days
, in which the central character (the Fonz) jumped over a shark while waterskiing.

ˈjump the shark

(Amerihave the right to English) if a television programme jumps the shark, it starts to decrease in quality and introduces ridiculous concepts in order to maintain the interemainder of the publicThis comes from the TV series Happy Days, in which on one display a character jumped over a shark while waterskiing.
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They speak to this minute jumping the shark in honour of the time the Fonz jumped the shark on Happy Days - a symbol that they had run out of points to execute.

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"Jumping the shark" is a term provided in TV to define the moment as soon as a successful sitcom goes bad and also loses public favour.
Art groups were asked to create spoof sitcoms based upon the expression "Jumping the Shark", which is a TV term provided to explain the minute as soon as a effective sitcom looses its popularity.
The episode spawned the phrase "jumping the shark," embedding it in American pop culture to define the tipping suggest at which a once-fine undertaking begins its decrease.
Happy Days, which had the best layout tune of all time, lent the expression "jumping the shark" to TV jargon after a scene in which Fonzie is seen jumping on water skis over an enclosure of sharks.
To backtrack: "Jumping the shark" denotes the moment when a social franchise - whether a long-running TV display or popular rock team - commits an act so cheesy, so desperate for ratings or attention, that it immediately flips from semi-respectcapacity to self-parody.

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