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When it concerns particular white womales these days, it doesn’t issue what lovely moniker their paleas might have actually given them. They’ve also been deigned via the name Karen, Becky, or Stacy.

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Why? These prevalent names are now shorthand for a specific kind of woman that either behaves badly or others choose to comsimple around. As viral videos of Beckys blow up and also the company sector cringes whenever before a Karen asks to stop to the manager, these names have handled a new meaning.

But are all three names now insults? What precisely execute they mean as soon as supplied this way? And are they interchangeable? When it concerns these names, it’s complex.

If you’ve ever wondered which is worse—taking care of a Karen, Stacy, or Becky—go ahead and also take a closer look.

What does Karen mean?

Karen is a generic name that’s widespread among middle-aged womales. It was among the height five the majority of renowned baby names for girls from 1957–1966, and peaked at #3 in 1965, according to Social Security data.

Karen is also the Danish form of Katherine, which is popularly connected with a Greek word for pure. However before, the meaning of Karen has actually advanced over recent years. Record of the insult Karen shows up as at an early stage as September 2016, and also by 2020, Karen had acquired a slang meaning that describes a middle-aged white woguy.

However before, it doesn’t refer to simply any kind of middle-aged white woman. The popularization of Karen as an insult has been attributed to Babsence Twitter in the 2010s, and it generally describes a woguy who fits the stereotype of an aggressive, racist, minivan-driving, white mom. Your typical Karen has actually a “sheight to the manager” hairreduced that’s a variation of a blunt blonde bob. Karens are the types to comordinary to the manager about anypoint and also every little thing, and have become the topic of memes as well as viral videos.

In 2020, Karens ended up being better linked via negative behavior, as videos surconfronted of womales acting out over refmaking use of to wear masks or social distance to protect against COVID-19 and also also engaging in incredibly racist actions. When these instances are captured on video, they tfinish to go viral, through the Karen in question being publicly shamed. For instance, “Central Park Karen” was a white womale who referred to as the police on a Black man birdwatching in the park. Tbelow was also a “Costco Karen” who was filmed throwing a tantrum over being asked to wear a face mask. And then there was “Zombie Karen” who ran into a glass door and also licked it while screaming racist slurs after being refsupplied entry to a bar.

In brief, being dubbed a Karen or told that you have a Karen haircut is not a compliment.

Learn more around what makes a Karen so recognizable here.

What does Becky mean?

Like Karen, Becky follows the trfinish of a first name being offered to generalize a particular form of perkid. Again, we’re talking white womales here. However before, Beckys aren’t middle-aged, ignorant, and aggressive white moms. Instead they are frequently younger white women that are unconscious or take advantage of their privilege. Beckys are the brand-new Valley Girls.

Becky is a pet create of the Biblical name Rebecca. However, the name came to be widely offered as a slang insult in the late 2010s. Beyoncé helped solidify this in 2016 via her song “Sorry,” which references a Becky with the good hair whom many type of have actually taken to be a white woman.

In addition to referring to a woguy unaware of her white privilege and acting racist, Becky is additionally supplied to mock fundamental young women that love their pumpkin spice, UGG boots, and also social media photos. The essential to this stereoform is that Beckys are basic: completely unoriginal and mainstream.

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In addition to loving apple-picking in the fall and selfies, a Becky is stereotyped as a so-called fundamental bitch who is a privileged, sheltered, generic, and unlikeable white womale.

Read more around the background and intake of Becky as a slang term right here.

What does Stacy mean?

Stacy is also a pejorative slang term for a woman. The origin of Stacy is obscure, and also may come from Anastasia or Eustace. However, Stacy reached peak popularity in the USA in the 1970s–80s and also have the right to be spelled Stacey and Stacie. By 2011 it had handled an completely different connotation. Stacy currently is supplied as a stereoform for an attrenergetic woman who is vain, rude, and also only interested in sex. Stacies are sexually energetic and also looked down upon for it.

This variation of Stacy originated from incel society, which is an internet subculture of men that are celibate and blame womales for their lack of sex resides. They usage the term to define frequently white, blonde, women via porn-star bodies and also a sensuality they hate bereason they can’t have actually them. Stacy is comparable to the term whore: it’s dehumanizing, sexist, and also scapegoats a woguy who is understood promiscuous by guys.


Although her male equivalent, Chad actually, is regarded as a sexually energetic, successful male player, Stacy’s success in the bedroom are held versus her.

Find Out even more about just how the term Stacy has taken shape over time right here. 

How each name is used

Karen, Becky, and also Stacy are similar in that they are all generic female names that have advanced over the years into slang terms that make fun of particular forms of woguys. These names deserve to be offered in jest to call out actual, problematic, and also regularly racist actions, and there’s no doubt that’s one efficient method to suggest out and slam the habits in question.

One common misconception is that the terms are racist, however because the terms poke fun at the leading team within a mechanism of oppression (whites), they cannot by interpretation be described as racist.

However, the reality that tbelow aren’t tantamount male terms for calling out the same behavior provides these terms a sexist dimension that should be recognized.

All that sassist, if you’re planning to use the terms or are trying to understand them, it’s vital to note all 3 have actually negative connotations and also speak to out white woguys however each refers to a slightly different stereoform.

Karen is commonly used to describe someone that is practically always a middle-aged womale, and also is racist, closed-minded and vocal about her regularly ignorant beliefs. She also might have actually a typical look: a short-haired blonde that wears mother jeans, runs a school carpool, and has actually an aggressive demeanor.

For example:

Many type of of the various other moms weren’t surprised when Karen acquired into a fight about vaccines in the middle of her son’s soccer game.After resulting in a scene because she was asked to wear a mask in the store, Karen demanded to sheight to a manager.

As we’ve explained, Becky is similar in that she is likewise a closed-minded white female, yet she’s frequently a younger woguy that is entitled and guided by her white privilege.

For example:

Becky didn’t understand the dispute behind the college adgoals scandal given that her parents also made a big donation to her top alternative as soon as she applied to colleges.While hanging out at the pool via her friends, Becky virtually called the police on her Babsence neighbor bereason she says she didn’t acknowledge him.

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Stacy is many comparable to Becky however is provided for even more of a sexualized and also sexist stereokind. It slams a sensual, attractive blonde as a result of her looks.

For example:

Not just does Jack bully Steve, however he dubbed one of my friends a Stacy bereason she doesn’t offer him the moment of day.

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