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Meet the ‘Margaritaville’ Singer’s 3 Children

Even though Jimmy Buffett was constantly on the road touring and making new music for his fans, he still tried to spend as much time as possible with his loving wife of 40-plus years, Jane Slagsvol, and their children — Savannah, Cameron, and Sarah.

“I’m a dad that’s gone a lot, but I look back at it, and I tried to make my time at home have as much quality as possible,” the father of three previously told People.

Although his job required him to be away a lot, Jimmy was able to make it work at home by bringing his kids along with him on tour. Whenever they had time off from school, they would pack their bags and attend their father’s “Margaritaville”-themed concerts.

Jimmy believes his kids wanted to see him perform so much because they enjoyed the full experience of attending one of his shows. “All my kids came on the road with me because they liked to see the circus,” he joked.

If you’ve ever been to one of his concerts, you know you’re probably going to see people dressed up in grass skirts and coconut bras. However, that was only one reason why Jimmy brought his kids along with him. He also wanted them to “have a better sense of the world” than he did when he was a boy.

“[I’m] not a good disciplinarian,” he said about his parenting style. But luckily for Jimmy, he can always count on his wife to lay down the law when the kids misbehave. “Jane runs the show,” he admitted, and he likes it like that.

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After so many years touring, Jimmy is still the same guy who likes to put on a good show for people. “I think I’m still living the Jimmy Buffett life,” he once told NPR. “I make time. The work-to-play ratio is I think what’s important. And it’s not a demand for products. It’s a demand for a feeling that we need — you need to get away.”

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