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Meet the ‘Toy Story’ Singer’s 5 Children

Don’t ever question Randy Newman‘s work ethic! The singer-songwriter does everything he can for his family. As a dad of five to kids — sons Amos Newman, 51, Patrick Newman, 27, Eric Newman and John Newman as well as daughter Alice Newman — Randy has learned a thing or two about providing for his loved ones with music.

The 76-year-old is mostly known for creating Toy Story‘s theme song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” in 1995. “I mean, there’s no competing with Toy Story, in terms of the reach of it,” he previously told NPR about the song’s popularity. “It inevitably appeals to, you know, hundreds of millions that I wouldn’t appeal to.”

Toy Story was the first animated film Randy had worked on. To Tom MacDougall, executive vice president of music at Walt Disney Studios, Randy was just as important as some of the lead actors in the cast.

“Pixar was almost the anti-Disney, that they didn’t want to do musicals, or princess movies, or have magic and those types of things,” he explained. “I would say Randy is as important as Tom Hanks or Tim Allen … If we didn’t have his music in there, you would feel it, for sure. And you might not even want to make it without him.”

In Toy Story 2, Randy returned to animation when he wrote “When She Loved Me” for Sarah McLachlan. The singer has achieved so much success in his career that he’s won two Oscars already and has been nominated 20 more times to date.

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When USA Today asked the star if he ever stopped counting his Oscar nominations, Randy replied, “No, it’s special every single time.” He added, “It’s recognition by your peers — I like it, it’s a nice feeling. But if you don’t get nominated, it’s not devastating. It’s just the way it goes.”

Randy could also win two more awards at the 2020 Oscars. He’s been nominated for Best Original Score for Marriage Story and Best Original Song for Toy Story 4. We wish him the best!

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