Proverbs 8 who is wisdom

Proverbs chapter 8 supplies a personification of Wisdom. Some world take this personification as a description of God, or of the Messiah. Is tright here any type of textual justification for this?


A Spirit being who played as a son prior to the Eternal, who likewise was with the Eternal as soon as He all set the heavens, Proverbs 8:26-31. She is a Angel to the 7 Churches, 9:1. –user9586 May 17 "15 at 15:07
The bible in Isaiah 11 describes 7 spirits(the soul of the Lord,wisdom,understanding, counsel,power,understanding and the soul of the fear of the Lord). So the fullness of the soul describe the completeness of these 7 spirits that characterize the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. so the personification of wisdom in the proverbs 8 describes the Holy Spirit. We understand that in the days of the old testament, the Divine Spirit was not yet revearesulted in Men.

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The key to knowledge Wisdom"s identification lies in both the genre of the book itself and the textual ideas within the book.


The Publication of Proverbs is classified as wisdom literature. This genre existed before the generation of the proverbs or the compiling of the book itself. The culture right into which these proverbs were created was already acquainted with the principles of "wisdom" and also "proverbs," and also they sought for wisdom and valued it dat an early stage. No one wanted to be a fool. Everyone wanted to be wise and also effective.

The Publication of Proverbs presents the wisdom of God as the true wisdom. Basically, its function is to point the wisdom-seeker back to God. Thus, the attribute of the Book of Proverbs in the canon of Scripture is ( surprise right here...) redemptive in nature. (And so we uncover that the book is not so out of area in the canon as scholars have traditionally thought.)

Textual Clues

Throughout the book the term "wisdom" is supplied interchangeably through "righteousness", and also, the term "foolishness" is offered interchangeably via "wickedness." For example, Proverbs 10:18-21:

He that conceals hatred has actually lying lips, And he that spreads slander is a fool.When tbelow are many words, transgression is inescapable, But he that restrains his lips is wise.The tongue of the righteous is as alternative silver, The heart of the wicked is worth bit.The lips of the righteous feed many type of, But fools die for absence of expertise.

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(Notice that hatred, lying, and also slander in the initially verse would normally be characteristic of the "wicked," but right here the wise male names the "fool." In the second verse, the guy of transgression is contrasted not through the "righteous," however via the "wise." In the third verse we can intend the tongue of the "wise" to be as alternative silver, but he rather names the "righteous." In the fourth verse, righteousness is clearly contrasted -- not with "wickedness," yet with "foolishness.")

This is why the wise womale of Proverbs 31 is identified by the are afraid of the Lord, and why the wisdom of Proverbs so regularly points us in the precise very same direction of the remainder of Scripture: to humility, ministry, love, Godly character, compassion, etc.

Lower-Case "wisdom"

It isn"t tough to see throughout a quick read with the book of Proverbs that true "wisdom" is to walk in God"s ways.

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Upper-Case "Wisdom"

Who would qualify as the "personification of God"s ways"? Well, God, I mean. It isn"t difficult to make the connection to Jesus, the perfect God-Man. The adhering to verse involves mind:

"For John came neither eating nor drinking, and also they say, ‘He has a demon!’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Beorganize, a gluttonous guy and a drunkard, a friend of taxation collectors and also sinners!’ Yet wisdom is vindicated by her deeds.” -Matthew 11:18-19

The question in my mind is whether Wisdom is Jesus or the Spirit, yet I suppose I"m dividing hairs at this allude.

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