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See the Comedian’s Life in Photos

Can you believe Bob Newhart is 90 years old?! The beloved stand-up comedian — best known for eponymous variety show — is celebrating his milestone 90th birthday on Thursday, September 5.

Over the last few decades, fans have loved following along on Bob’s roller coaster ride through Hollywood. Not only has he been making fans laugh ever since landing The Bob Newhart Show in 1961, but he’s kept viewers and audiences captivated with his dry wit and venerable humor.

Aside from his world of acting, fans of The Big Bang Theory guest star have also enjoyed watching his decades-long love story with wife Ginny Newhart unravel, as well as watching their four kids —  Robert Newhart, Jennifer Newhart, Courtney Newhart, and Timothy Newhart — grow up before our very eyes.

In honor of Bob’s milestone 90th birthday, scroll through the gallery below to see the comedian’s life through the years!

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