Stock 8 lug chevy wheels

Looking for 8 Lug Chevy Wheels and also Tires? You’re in the best place! Use our Search By Vehicle tool and also we’ll present you all the current and also trending Wheels for an 8 Lug Chevy that we market. Our auto database is curated by a Chevy Silverado Wheels specialist with manufacturing facility references in enhancement to recommendations listed from several 8 Lug Chevy communities. We market Quick Free Shipping and also Easy Retransforms for our Wheels, Shop Today!




Popular 8 Lug Chevy Wheel Finishes

Anthrapoint out Rims, Babsence Rims, Black Brumelted Rims, Black Chrome Rims, Babsence Milled Rims, Brumelted Silver Wheels, Chrome Wheels, Gloss Babsence, Gloss Machined wheels, Babsence Rims, Gloss White Wheel, Gunsteel Wheel, Machined Anthrapoint out wheels, Machined Babsence Wheel, Machined Gun Metal rims , Machined Silver wheel, Matte Black wheels, Matte Silver rims, Satin Black Rim, Satin Gunsteel Wheel, Silver wheels, Textured Black, Titanium Gray and White Wheels

Popular Sizes

17×8.5 17×9, 17×10, 18×9, 18×10, 20×9, 20×10, 20×14, 22×12. 22×14


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The balance out of the wheel is a measurement taken from the centerline of the wheel to the mounting pad of the wheel. The better the counter the closer the wheel is to your chassis. If you provided our Search By Vehicle tool we will only display you counter ranges that are within selection for your automobile.

If you provided our Search By Vehicle tool please read the below:

For Cars: The counter ranges available will lead to wheels that will certainly never stick out of your fenders. If you favor a Flush with the fender look a reduced counter will help attain that.

For Trucks: The counter varieties offered will certainly bring about either a flush or slight poke look. If you choose for the wheels not to poke exterior the fenders look for the highest offset easily accessible.

For Lifted Trucks: Considering lifted vehicles require larger tires we’re compelled to store the wheels as far amethod from the chassis as possible to prevent rubbing. Depending on your lift and the size of the tire compelled, the offset varieties offered will lead to either a flush look or in some instances will certainly stick exterior the fenders. The bigger the lift and tire dimension required the even more the wheels will certainly sit outside the fenders. If you’re trying to find the wheels to stick external the fenders look for the lowest feasible balance out being readily available and the widest wheel.

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Non ASAP Shipping Wheels are commonly delivered eight functioning days or sooner.

Tire choices exist for this wheel that would certainly make for an ASAP Shipping (package). The ASAP Shipping tire choices will be dedetailed on the ‘View Tire Options’ page.

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