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‘The Nanny’ Star Fran Drescher on Her ‘Friend With Benefits’

Just when we thought our dating lives were interesting, Fran Drescher proves us wrong. At age 62, the Nanny star said she’s happy being single because she has a certain man on speed dial.

“You know I’m kind of dating myself and it’s going quite well. I’m not dating,” the actress revealed to Page Six. “I have my gay ex-husband [Peter Marc Jacobsonwho I love and he fulfills a lot of needs. I have someone on the side who is a friend with benefits.”


That’s right! Fran has a “friend with benefits” who gets the job done. “He comes over, we hang out and we do the hot tub and I make us some food and we lay in bed and maybe we’ll watch tennis together, whatever it is or a movie,” she said. “We talk, we have good conversations.”

Let’s not forget about why he’s there though. “Of course we have sex and it’s delightful,” she gushed. “And it keeps me going.”

The best part about their relationship is that they feel at home with each other, even though they only meet up about twice a month due to Fran’s busy schedule. “[We’re] very comfortable with each other and we have our routine. It’s always the same experience. We really don’t go out, we don’t go to restaurants, we don’t date. What we do, we do great,” she explained. “It’s delightful and delicious but I’ve got a big life.”

Fran Drescher

Meeting up twice a month is “more than enough” for the Indebted star. After she split from her ex Shiva Ayyadurai in 2016, a “friend with benefits” is exactly what she needs. “Since the demise of my second marriage [I had to] truly learn to love myself,” the brunette beauty previously explained to Closer Weekly. “I was still trying to fill my voids through relationships, and then ultimately I’d get disappointed.”

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However, Fran was still hopeful that the right guy would come along. “I am putting my trust in the universe that when I’m supposed to meet somebody, I will,” she said. “I have the six S’s: sexy, smart, successful, single, straight, and sane!”

Looks like Fran doesn’t need any help in the dating department. She’s got that down!

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