VIVUS Inc nearly quadruples after launching telemedicine modules amid coronavirus

  • Nano cap VIVUS is up nearly 300%, quadrupling its value.
  • The firm has launched it is launching telemedicine modules.
  • Around 150-200 physicians will be enrolled every week according to the company.

Vivus, which trades on NASDAQ under VVUS, is trading close to $4 per share and after hitting a high of $4.55. At the time of writing, the stock price is 300% of the previous closing price. 

The coronavirus crisis has triggered lockdowns, also known as stay at home orders, or “shelter in place.” Patients and doctors who are unable to leave their homes for a physical meeting can now convene via Vivus’s telemedicine modules.

Patients may use the module whether or not patients have been prescribed a product made by Vivus. With the launch, the firm forecasts it will employ 150-200 physicians per week.

The pharmaceutical company based in Campbell, California, has been in business since 1991 and is developing erectile dysfunction called Avanafil drugs among other products. 

VVUS stock chart

The graph below shows the price action on VVUS in the past year. The surge that the equity is experiencing has sent it the highest since October, erasing all the losses it incurred in the past month or so.

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