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If you’re not in between the eras of 17 and also 30 through an inappropriate sense of humor, you could not have heard of EatDatPussy445.

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The California aboriginal is a huge Birds fan who has actually collected a cult following among Eagles fans given that he started posting confessional videos about the team to YouTube 2 years back. His, ahem, candid language and emotional responses help him affix to a fan base that has actually (deservedly) been hurling F-bombs at the franchise for generations. People tune in to view him praise the Birds, lash out at Andy Reid, celebrate Eagles victories, and also comordinary around “them loud-ass motorcycles that always be drivin’ by.” On Saturday, EDP will fly right into Philly so that he have the right to be the guest of honor at the Eagles watch party at Xfinity Live for Sunday night’s contest via the Giants. I had a possibility to soptimal with the man ahead of his expedition. Once he’s persuaded that I am that I say I am, we talk about his upcoming travel arrangements, the Andy Reid era, and the birth of his YouTube career. He even slips right into full EDP-mode (because yes, I think EDP is an exaggerated persona) for a minute or two.

So, once are you flying right into Philly?Okay, host on, playa. Fast question, like, how perform I know you really job-related for The Philly Post? I hate to be all weird and stuff, I’m just tryin’ to, you know …

Go to ThePhillyBlog post.com, my image is beside my byline. You can view it’s me, the very same perkid pictured in my Twitter avatar. I expect, I’m not trying to fuck with you.*Laughs*

You have a pretty decent following in Philly, and also I’m just trying to do a Q&A for the website.Alright, I’m sorry around that. I’ve been listening to my crazy-ass sister for too lengthy. *Laughs*

No concerns, male. So, is this your initially time coming to Philly?First time to Philadelphia. Never before been out the state of California.

Really? So, it’ll be your initially time on a plane?It’s gonna be my first time, and I’m scared shitless.

You don’t have actually anypoint to concern around. It’s straightforward. Nothing to concern around.

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So, your logo design says 1997-to infinity, which indicates that you came to be an Eagles fan in a real depressing era in the franchise’s background. How did you control to end up being an Eagles fan ago then?Me and my dad was watchin’, I understand it was the Bengals, and they won 44-42 and also I was watching Irving Fryar, Bobby Hoying, all them cats play. For some factor, I don’t know, I was watching it and also my passion simply prospered for the team. From that day on, I simply flourished to be a big fan, you know?

Obviously, having actually seen your videos, you’re frustrated via the franchise. Is tright here something in certain that bothers you the most around the Andy Reid era?One point that really irritates the hell outta me, you understand, and also I’m pretty certain it irritates other Eagles fans as well, is that right here we have all this talent and also it’s going to waste. I won’t say that the whole damn franchise has actually been a disaster because we haven’t. T.O., McNabb, five NFC Championship games, all that excellent stuff. It simply appears choose you have all this talent and also you can’t win a damn Super Bowl. Like, I don’t understand also if there’s, prefer, a fuckin’ curse over the city. I don’t understand also if it’s somethin’ spooky, freaky, you know what I’m sayin’? But, I’m sayin’ that I think the primary problem out of everything has to have something to do via Andy Reid bereason you had actually good team after great team. You had actually Duce Staley, you had Westbrook, you had McNabb, you had T.O., Trotter, Dawkins and also currently you have actually a different team with Vick, McCoy and also all them cats and it’s favor, “You still can’t carry out shit.” So, it has to be the coaching. I intend, damn, it ain’t the players now.

You type of have actually a cult following over below. And it appears prefer the folks who go to Xfinity Live would be the sort of civilization who have actually recorded some of your videos.I intend, all I know is I’m gonna be watchin’ the game. I don’t really know if the totality damn location is gonna erupt or anypoint.

What would you prefer to say to the people that think Nick Foles have to start?I expect, obviously if Vick keeps screwing up you’re gonna have to go via the next best option. But, you don’t desire to put Nick Foles in there as well beforehand ’cause he’ll acquire his ass killed, you feel me? I understand that Vick is gonna need to throw the round sooner or later on, but you got among the ideal damn running backs in the league, and you ain’t runnin’ the damn round. You have Vick droppin’ earlier damn near 70 times a game, nigga, and also your line is trash as fuck. I’m simply sayin’ that if you got the ideal running earlier in the league, don’t be afraid to hand that bitch off. *Laughs* I’m sorry.

You’re fine. Don’t concern about it. Real quick, prior to I let you go, what’s the story behind the display screen name? To be hocolony, it was simply somepoint that I believed of. It wasn’t sex-related or anypoint favor that. Shit. That loud-ass motorcycle that you hear in all my videos simply passed by. For instance, my high-college nickname was Big Cheese Nips. Where’d that come from? I don’t understand. So, the totality thing behind that was just—I knew it was gonna attract some attention, yet I didn’t know it was going to be all funny and also hysterical and flippin’ out the windows and all that.

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Was there a light bulb minute, favor “Yeah, that’s the name?” Or did you sort of work your method toward the idea?It was simply somepoint that I jotted dvery own, but I was prefer, “I gotta have actually some numbers.” So, I think I tried 496, however that was whatever. Then, I punch in 4-4-5 and was simply favor, “Damn, that’s the user name.”

EDP gets into town on Saturday evening. He’s looking to grab a steak at Tony Luke’s at some point prior to he heads back on Monday. He’ll be at Xfinity Live, courtesy of Barstool Sports, to watch the Birds play the G-Men on Sunday night.

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